EngScape presents labour market trends for the Canadian engineering profession.
From employment rates and salary, to post-secondary enrolment and immigrant employment, this information is available by province and discipline.

About EngScape

EngScape is an online portal providing information about the engineering labour market in Canada. From sparking someone’s first love of engineering, to helping students decide which discipline is right for them, to giving new and experienced engineers the tools to find the next destination on their engineering journey, to presenting the range of engineering career options for newcomers to Canada, EngScape has something for everyone.

EngScape is a valuable tool for anyone looking for information about engineering, or attempting to navigate the world of careers in this field. With statistics and data about employment rates, salary, post-secondary enrolment and diversity, EngScape presents this information in an accessible and easy-to-understand way, and breaks it down by engineering discipline and by province. EngScape also profiles individual engineers, provides typical job descriptions and requirements, and a career outlook for each discipline to give visitors a true sense of the engineering profession. Additionally, the site compiles engineering job postings from a variety of online sources, providing one-stop-shopping for anyone looking for jobs in the sector, from coast to coast to coast.

EngScape is an initiative of Engineers Canada.